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I need to say a few important things about this blog:

  1. This is not the opinion of my employer, it is my personal opinion.
  2. I do not endorse the content of any of the sites I link to, or the opinions of people quoted or interviewed on the site.
  3. The materials on this website are provided for information only, are general in nature and do not constitute any form of advice for a particular individual or situation. It is not appropriate for the purposes of making a decision to undertake a specific project or action. You need to do your own research before making any decisions or taking any action.
  4. Information on this site is offered in good faith, but is not guaranteed to be complete, adequate or accurate. It may be inappropriate in some circumstances.
  5. The nature of humanitarian work entails some risk, and you need to make decisions and take responsibility for them yourself. I accept no liability whatsoever arising from the use of or reliance on this website, and expressly disclaim all warranties, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of any content provided, or as to the fitness of the information for any purpose.

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