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Pay and conditions in relief and development

September 14, 2016

Q. Hi Nick

I have a few questions.

My first one is how much is the average salary? Could I support a family off that money?

My second question is whether it is a full time job?

Lastly, do you get to choose where you want to work, or is it assigned?

A. Hi there – and thanks for the questions!

First. I have no idea how to calculate what an ‘average’ salary in this line of work is. It varies hugely depending on whether you are a volunteer or paid staff, UN, NGO or contractor, local or international, etc, etc. That said. I’m going to give a ballpark of what a US or UK expatriate is going to make working for a medium to large UK or US organization. Project managers might be making anywhere from $25-$35k, while senior managers might be making anywhere from $50k-north of $100k. This is exclusive of any other health / housing benefits.

Second – most field based jobs and most HQ jobs are full time.

Lastly, in most organizations you can, to some extent, choose to apply for where you want to work. That said, there is an informal hierarchy, and more competition for more desirable posts. As an entry level job-seeker you really have to go where the jobs are.

Hope that helps!


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