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Architect looking for relief and development jobs

March 18, 2016

Q. Hey Nick,
I am a recent architect graduate, I would like to get into relief and development and it need not be related to architecture. Is there any way I can either volunteer or start as a fresher in any of the conflict countries (the current refugee crisis or Africa )? I would like to help them in any way possible.
I am 23, Indian and a freelancer after graduating.
Thank you,

A. Hi Vishnu,

Thanks for the question, and congratulations on your architecture degree! First off, I don’t know a lot about the job market in India, and what kind of opportunities there are for you to gain experience overseas. That said that is going to be one of the major issues. Even though you clearly have experience of the developing world, recruiters are going to want to see that you can function in environments and cultures other than your own. I believe that the VSO program is open to you, and I would encourage you to check that out, but to get hired you’re going to need to show some overseas experience.

As to your architecture training, I think the skillets of project, budget, and contractor management are really relevant, but there are very few people working as architects in the aid world.

Good luck!


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