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Global Development and Humanitarian Aid Training

January 28, 2016


Jeff wrote to me with a course offering that may be of interest. I don’t have personal experience with this course, but I have worked with RedR, which is a very credible and impressive organization. If anyone does have recommendations of courses or other trainings that have been useful to them please do drop me a line and I can post something about them.


La Roche College in Pittsburgh, PA is offering a series of Global Development and Humanitarian Aid Training courses. The training sessions take place between May 16, 2016, and May 27, 2016. This is the third year for the program, which has been successful and well-received by participants.

Partnering with RedR UK, one of the world’s premier training organizations, La Roche’s Global Development and Humanitarian Aid Training Program will develop these core competencies:

  • Understanding human rights and humanitarian contexts, principles and law.
  • Working collaboratively to achieve results.
  • Ensuring safety and security under conditions of pressure and change.

The program’s first two years each saw about 20 participants from all walks of life. They included recent college graduates, undergrad students, graduate students, retired nurses, a priest, and people already involved in the field of humanitarian aid from West Africa, to name a few. The training combines online RedR disaster online material, simulations, interactive classes, and one-on-one interaction with experienced humanitarian aid workers. All of this is combined in a structure geared towards helping interested candidates learn the field and understand how to approach humanitarian aid efforts most effectively.

Undergrad or graduate students can also earn college credit through the program, providing extra incentive for people in those fields.

A look at the 2014 training program and trainer biographies can be seen here.

For more information about the program as a whole click here.

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  1. February 2, 2016 5:37 am

    Thanks for posting, Nick! Much appreciated.

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