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IT work in development?

November 23, 2015

Q. Hi Nick,

You are amazing at responding to everyone!

I work as an IT consultant, and have a first class maths degree. My work has always been in the financial sector, and finally, after 15 years, I’ve realised I need to work for an organisation that I care about, in order to feel like I’m doing something worthwhile for not just myself, but putting my education to its best use.

I live an hour from London, and have two very young children, so my ability to travel is very limited. Do you think I’d be able to find work with any NGOs? Or am I best waiting until my children are older? I’m only interested in applying my IT skills to back office ops now I have a family,

Many thanks,


A. Good grief Philippa,

I feel terrible at having let this question languish in the files for so long! I hope your family is doing well! In essence, there are two main ‘tracks’ in development – the most obvious and high profile is the development professional track – folks who specialize in the programmatic side of the work. Of course, behind the scenes are all of the back office types of jobs that every organizations needs – finance, recruiting, HR, facilities, and of course, IT. Absolutely you should be able to find work in this area without travel, all of the larger organizations have IT departments, and hiring for these functions doesn’t usually require any development experience.

Good luck!


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