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Should I get another degree?

January 9, 2015

Q. Hello Nick, you have done extremely well with this website! Thank you, it has been very useful. I think my questions are similar to Tashina’s ones. I have Masters in Administration and three years of working experience but now I want to completely change the direction and start working in humanitarian aid, refugee camps etc. I’m Ukrainian and currently in Ukraine so I realise that here is no vast choice of jobs in this area. I’m going for a year to Holland and after that I would like to get another masters in social work or related field. Would that make sense and give me better chances for working for UNICEF, UN etc?

A. Hi there – so – a couple of issues here – first off, it would be useful to know what you’re going to be doing in Holland – I would certainly recommend you use that as an opportunity to network and get to know people in some of the European aid agencies in the area.

On the question of education, if you’ve read my page on what to study you’ll know I would not recommend you get another masters degree. I don’t believe it will help you get a job with UNICEF. Now – I’ve written a post or two about the UN, and getting a job with them is it’s own huge project. I would take a look at the PassBlue site and bear in mind that it’s tremendously competitive. Depending on your age you may be eligible for UN Young Professional or other programs, which I would definitely recommend taking advantage of. I don’t know what the situation is for Ukraine, but some countries are less well represented, and that can give you an advantage in applying.

Good luck!


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