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Rules and regulations training for USAID and others

August 25, 2014

One of the huge issues for INGOs that take government money face is the bewildering array of rules and regulations that are in place. As Inside NGO puts it – “The plethora of rules and regulations associated with the management of government grants and cooperative agreements by US NGOs is a source of regular and continuing frustration to those on the receiving end. Sorting out what is required, by whom, and when, is made even more complicated by the fact that the rules seem to be constantly changing and/or subject to differing interpretation. The situation usually means that authoritative answers are hard to find.

I want to draw your attention to Inside NGO, which, amongst other things, maintains a good list of trainings related to, amongst other things, donor regulations. One current example of this is the USAID/Federal Rules & Regulations: Grants & Cooperative Agreements, which addresses such questions as “What is an allowable cost? What procedures do I need to follow when purchasing equipment with USAID money? How much can I revise my budget without having to go to USAID for approval? How long should I retain records? What are the most common audit findings and how can I avoid being written up by my auditors?

If you’re new to this world, or even if you’ve been around the block, refreshing your memory on these issues can be worthwhile.

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